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Gold Coins for Sale

Buy gold coins for home delivery or secure storage.

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Place your order online, by calling 1 (888) 445-1977 or emailing Note, we have a minimum order size of 200 oz of silver or 3 oz of gold, platinum and palladium. Don’t have an account yet? Open one today.

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How to Buy Gold Coins

SWP has a wide selection of gold coins available for home delivery or secure storage in one of our eight storage locations. You can buy a gold coins online, along with gold bars, silver and more precious metals. Explore our current selection and gold coin prices. Contact us if you have any questions about how to buy gold coins.

Types of Gold Coins

We offer our clients direct access to a complete range of quality gold coins produced by the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and more. We guarantee the authenticity of all the gold coins we sell our clients and will make a competitive bid for the products when it comes time to sell them back.

Buy Gold Coins Online from SWP

Buying gold coins from SWP is secure, reliable and easy. You can buy gold coins online from SWP for home delivery to the United States or Canada, or you can have your gold coins stored safely at any of our eight global storage locations. For a flat rate of $50, we can also deliver your order directly to your home anywhere within the United States. The gold coins will ship from our US fulfillment centre and are fully insured door-to-door.

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